A drone is one of the best surveillance tools around. Here’s why.

Surveillance is the close observation of people, activities, and infrastructure for the purpose of managing, directing, or protecting. Whether surveying your mining operation, property development, off-site business, or local event, UAVs (or drones as they are more commonly known) are an efficient and cost-effective surveillance tool.

Providing an overview of events on the ground from a safe distance, drone surveillance offers users safety and security benefits, including helping to maintain control of a situation and get real time data.

Five reasons drones make great surveillance tools

1. Quiet operation

Most modern drones are quiet and, as they observe from above, are not easily noticeable in the same way as individuals on foot or large aircraft like helicopters. This allows for discrete monitoring.

2. They reduce the human factor

While drones are flown by an operator, they are unmanned which means they avoid the human factor  doing surveillance operations – they are quicker and quieter than human security patrols, able to cover large areas, do not require numbers for safety and trust reasons, and do not suffer from illness or absenteeism.

3. Safe observation of difficult areas

From uneven terrain to difficult-to-access buildings or compromised areas, drones are a safe way to monitor potentially hazardous sites. Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and able to stay off the ground, surveillance by drone is often the safest option.

4. Real-time monitoring and co-ordination

No need to wait for a report back on what is happening out there in the field. Drones allow for detailed on-the-spot data collection and report back to home base. This allows for a swift response time.

5. Payload perks

Surveillance professionals can take advantage of the payload (the weight the drone can carry) on advanced drones to add context-specific technology.  For example, adding LiDar technology or a thermal camera to detect movements in the dark, in dense vegetation, or poor weather conditions.

It’s important to remember that the use of private surveillance drones raises significant legal and privacy concerns, as does the operation of UAVs in residential and commercial areas. If you want to operate a UAV for business and surveillance purposes, it is best to work with the professionals. Join a managed ROC or talk to us about your surveillance needs. We offer a wide range of drone surveillance services across a number of different industries.

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