Drone trends to watch in 2018

When it comes to the use of drones in 2018 (especially for commercial purposes and turnkey projects), growth is a given. Last year, we saw the increased use of drone and UAV technology across a wide range of industries, from mining to agriculture, and this trend is only set to continue.

Interested in operating a drone for commercial purposes or using a drone in your business or industry? We can help you do just that. For now, we’ve also got our eye on the trends set to impact on the drone world in 2018 – trends that will help individuals and organisations that use drones to achieve greater success in their operations and marketing initiatives.

Drones trends to watch in 2018

1. Even better drone technology on the horizon

Drone technology is in a constant state of development and improvement. In terms of performance and processing power, drones are set to shortly reach a new level of automation and data analysis capability. Increases in ‘machine learning’ mean that drones will be able to capture and generate more data, more accurately, in increasing difficult environments and situations, making them ideal for use in surveillance and safety-driven initiatives, such as the oil and gas industry.

2. In-house programmes are becoming the norm

As organisations bring more and more of their operational activities in-house, this year will see the creation of bespoke in-house drone programmes. This means that independent suppliers wanting to stay alive need to be agile, forward-thinking and aware of the kind of work and technology required by organisations wanting to make use of drone operators that are not necessarily full-time employees.

3. Increased legislation

Flying a drone for commercial purposes is already highly regulated on a global scale, and things are no different in South Africa. Commercial drone pilots must be properly licensed and accredited, and strict flying protocols apply to all situations in which a drone might be used. If you’re planning to fly your drone for more than hobby purposes in 2018, you need to be sure you’ve adhered to all requirements, or run the risk of heavy fines.

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