Free your flight with these drone accessories.

Whether you fly your own drone as a hobby or as part of your business, or work with a supplier that uses drones to make your business better, you’ll know that drone technology is always evolving and that more and more industries are using drones to increase their productivity, efficiency and safety.

In today’s post, we thought we have a quick look at some of the latest drone accessories on the market – we’re sure you’ll want to put some of these on your wish list for a better-than-ever drone experience in 2018.

Five accessories to improve your drone’s performance

1. A sturdy case

Drones are sensitive pieces of equipment but they are also designed to go on all kinds of adventures. That’s why you need a case that allows you to travel with your drone but that’s not too bulky or heavy. Look for a case that suits your protective needs – are you heading into rough terrain or just taking a flight to another city? Would a backpack be more useful than a carry case? Look at where you use your drone and kit up accordingly.

2. Extra power

Carrying a spare set of batteries for your drone is always a good idea. While most high end drones require a dedicated charger, those that do not can make do with the same kind of external battery as a smart phone. And don’t forget a dedicated battery case to help prevent hazardous damage.

3. Landing pad

If you’re working from a static home base, a fixed landing pad is a great idea. Rather than letting your drone land in the dirt or wet, a helipad provides the perfect landing platform, ensuring that your drone stays clean and dry on landing and takeoff.

4. Controller lanyard

Lanyards can help to make your flight experience easier and simpler. There will be times when you will need to put down your controller and have free hands. With a lanyard, there’s no need to put your controller in harm’s way – get one with a neck strap and simply let it hang, safe and sound, around your neck when you’re not using it.  

5. First Person View (FPV) headset

While it might not work for every surveying occasion, a FPV headset can improve your drone experience tenfold. They allow for a direct line of sight to your drone, effectively letting you to see what your drone sees in real time. This can help cut down on confusion around your drone orientation and make sure you never lose sight of it.

When it comes to drones, there’s so much to learn and elements like choosing the right accessories (or the right suppliers) can have a profound effect on your experience of drones and their capabilities. Want to implement the use of drones in your industry or learn how aerial mapping and surveying services can enhance your business? We can help! Through our commercial services and turnkey drone surveying and mapping solutions, we can teach you to operate your own drone or help you find suppliers with the drone services you require.

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