Good to know – a bit about DC Geomatic's commercial drone services.

Need help with a commercial surveying or surveillance project? As drone operators with experience across a wide range of industries, DC Geomatics can manage your drone needs (from inspections to surveys) from start to finish so that you can enjoy all the benefits of using a drone without having to worry about the logistics or the legalities.

When it comes to safety and compliance, we are licensed, insured, and approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), and we use only the most well-trained and accredited specialists for all our flight operations. In line with our stringent safety and compliance standards, we use specialised and accredited Health and Safety service providers and are Occupational Health and Safety compliant at all times.

Our standard commercial services include

1. Aerial Inspections

Most industries carry out regular inspections of their equipment and infrastructure for safety and security purposes. Drones are perfectly suited to this work which can be dangerous for human inspectors in terms of tricky terrain and challenging environments. Our aerial inspections services include industrial inspections (such as on wind turbines, cranes, and communication towers), commercial inspections (such as on buildings, roofs, landmarks), and thermal industrial inspections (such as on stockpiles, solar panels, and silos).

2. Aerial Assessments

If you need to assess a large tract of land, a drone can be a cost-effective and efficient option. Drones can cover large protected areas, agricultural zones, and mining and development sites much more quickly and thoroughly than human inspectors. Our aerial assessments include infrastructure assessments (for GIS applications, insurance claims, and Google Earth overlays), environmental assessments (including scour investigations), NVDI mapping (for crop and vegetation evaluation), and progress motoring photography (for site progress monitoring).

3. Aerial Surveys

Fast deployment, accuracy, and reporting make drones a perfect fit for accurate surveying and mapping applications using photogrammetry. Our aerial survey services include stockpile, topographic, as-built, strip, drainage design, portable integrated multi-beam, and single beam bathometric surveys, as well as ground penetrating radar applications.

4. Lidar Surveys

Using light in the form of a pulsed laser, LiDAR is a remote sensing method that can be used to generate precise, three-dimensional models. We offer airborne drone-driven LiDAR for environmental scanning and terrestrial LiDAR for structure and terrain surveying.

If you want to implement the use of drones in your industry or learn how aerial mapping and surveying services can enhance your industrial operation, we can help! Browse our commercial services and turnkey drone surveying and mapping solutions, and let us know what your business needs.

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