Hiring professional land surveyors for mining? Here's what you need to ask.

The basic job of a land surveyor is to assess, map, and report on the land you are selling, buying, or developing. From mining to construction, hiring professional surveyors to assess and map a piece of land can be vital to your project’s success. This is especially true of areas and projects that are difficult to access or dangerous to work in, such as in the mining sector.

 Professional land surveyors (especially those surveying from an aerial vantage point)  can save you time, money, and energy in the long run but it is important that you hire the right team for the job – one that is experienced and credible, and enjoys access to the latest surveying technology.

Before you hire professional surveyors, ask

1. How long have you been in business in this area?

Experience counts when it comes to surveying work. It is especially relevant if the company has been working in the area that you are now interested in as it means they will have access to information about the area over time and a better understanding of your requirements than a newly founded organisation with little experience.

2. What are your qualifications?

It is essential that you work with a properly licensed company. This is also true of their safety and compliance certification – many land surveying projects carry a high risk of injury and are best dealt with by a company that makes health and safety a top priority.

3. What is your process?

Mining projects tend to have strict deadlines and goals. It is important that the surveying company you hire has a clear mandate and can deliver on its promises for project completion. A solid surveying company will have work flow and quality assurance processes in place to ensure steady progress for a timely conclusion that doesn’t exceed the established budget.

4. Do you have referrals for similar types of work?

Land surveying can be used in a number of different projects, by home and property owners, construction project firms, or mine development initiatives. A credible surveying company will be able to give you references from satisfied clients and put you in touch with clients who have worked successfully on similar projects to yours. Talking to clients about their experiences will help you decide whether the team is right for your job and the company should be able to present a positive track record in your area of interest.

5. What technology do you use?

From aerial surveys to LIDAR mapping, land surveying tools and technology have changed greatly over time. The best surveying companies use the latest in global technology and their equipment is designed to save you time and money, and to reduce risk.  

6. What will I receive at the end of the process?

An aerial survey should culminate in a signed report and presentation. This can help you in tackling the next step of your project, either to deal with unexpected issues or to move forward, secure in the knowledge that you truly have the lie of the land.

Do you need survey services for your next mining project? Talk to us about your survey requirements. We offer our clients a complete geospatial management service, from UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) surveys to the use of hi-tech, industry leading software designed for tracking and reporting on survey projects. We provide clear, accurate data in line with tight deadlines and are committed to helping you get the job done in environments where time, safety, and cost are of utmost importance.

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