How drone services are advancing the civil engineering industry.

With their advanced technology and superior surveying and scanning capabilities, drones are changing the operation and productivity levels of many industries across the country, including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and harbour operations. And when it comes to civil engineering, they are definitely making their mark.

Ways drone services contribute to better civil engineering work

1. A view from above

Drones allow for extensive and accurate mapping of large tracts of land and tough-to-navigate terrain. With a drone, engineers can get detailed and textured aerial images and map out sites before they make the physical trip themselves. This allows for instant data and easier and more efficient logistics and planning. With a real-time approach, drone footage allows engineers, stakeholders, and site managers to prioritise tasks and create timelines for projects, all while sharing the relevant information across various platforms and (often remote) audiences.

2. Surveying like never before

Height, remote sensors, the ability to transmit data about specific sites, the GIS location function... all these elements make drones the perfect tool for surveying. The right technology in the right hands means drones are able to deliver a wide range of commercial surveying services including outlining property boundaries, area markers, surveying construction sites for placement of buildings, topographic and hydrographic maps, valuable stockpile data, and flood insurance maps.

3. So much safer

Fast, efficient, and removed from facing on-the-ground obstacles, without any toxic fumes than might harm the environment to boot, drones are a much safer and healthier alternative to using human resources to conduct safety and security inspections as well as mapping and surveying exercises through the entire development cycle.

Drones offer effective, efficient, and cost-effective processes, making them a valuable asset to any civil engineering project. Want to implement the use of drones in your industry? We can help you do that! Working with licensed and experienced drone operators, we offer a wide range of commercial and turnkey drone surveying and mapping services across Africa. Our aim? Offering our clients quality, cost-effective drone services tailored any commercial project.

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