How drones can help streamline big project costs.

When it comes to commercial industries, most people associate the word ‘drone’ with aerial photography and filming. But their scope is so much bigger than that. When it comes to industries like construction, gas and oil, and mining, drones can help cut costs and increase productivity.

While working with drones might require an initial investment (in hardware and training), the long-term benefits include cost-saving and streamlined project completion.

Benefits of using drones in project management

1. Efficient operating costs

Unlike manned aerial vehicles, drones are simple to launch and do not require a high staff complement or complicated setup and launch procedures. They can be ready to go in a short amount of time and, as long as proper training has been completed, are relatively easy to run. This makes them much cheaper and easier to operate than other types of survey and surveillance equipment.

2. A full bird’s eye view

Whatever the industry, drones have an aerial advantage – light, agile, and flexible in their approach, they are able to cover large areas or navigate awkward spaces and infrastructures quickly and completely. This means they can gather and relay hard-to-access survey information and surveillance data to a large group of stakeholders quickly and efficiently. This lowers project costs as the data is available in a much shorter amount of time than would be the case with a manned survey.

3. Data distribution made simple

As above, drone technology allows for the distribution of data (in a variety of formats) to a large group of stakeholders who do not even have to be on the project site to work together. Project teams can review footage in real time, interpret data, and discuss the project as the drone flies, allowing them to address any project concerns in the moment, saving valuable decision-making time and unnecessary costs in the long run.

4. Safety first

Not only do drones remove the need for human-driven inspections (thereby protecting a human workforce from unnecessary exposure to risk), they can conduct regular and thorough inspections of job sites, conduct regular site monitoring, and help ensure safety compliance.

When it comes to gaining the cutting-edge in your project work, drones can go a long way in helping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure the job gets done right. Want to bring drones into your business operations? Contact us – DCG offers a variety of drone-driven commercial services and turnkey solutions across a wide range of industries and for application in different types of projects. Talk to us about your drone needs – when it comes to commercial applications, we’re the experts.

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