How drones can improve infrastructure maintenance.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or, drones as we know them, are used across a wide range of industries for surveying, mapping, and inspection purposes, especially when it comes to difficult-to-access, potentially hazardous, or sensitive equipment or areas. From mining to construction to agriculture, organisations are making use of drone technology for different operations.

A common denominator among all these industries is infrastructure – valuable assets necessary to the work of the organisation, that need to be monitored, inspected and assessed on a regular basis for safety and regulatory reasons. While infrastructure inspection and maintenance has largely been the job of an ‘on the ground’ human crew, drones have the potential to take over this role with much more efficient, reliable and safer results.

Drones make for safer, more efficient business operations. Isn’t it time you used them in your business? 

Ways in which drones can improve infrastructure maintenance

1. Better data collection

The technology employed by drones allows for high quality, high detail data capturing. Rapid, repeatable, and high resolution, this data is the result of aerial mapping technology that is accurate, easy to interpret, and delivered in real time. And it can be used to create three dimensional models with millions of data points to give a realistic and up-close ‘picture’ of the infrastructure’s true state and required maintenance.

2. Real-time feedback and interpretation

No need to wait for data from a field trip. With a drone, home based teams will receive real-time data insight as well as situational awareness details with each inspection. Current drone technology also allows for the integration of different data sources into one standardised platform, easy to analyse and review, and therefore easy to incorporate into a workflow data and analytic systems to enable and support maintenance decisions.

3. Safety

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Inspection by drone is safer than inspection by foot. With ‘perch and stare’, video capture, and laser scanning capabilities, drones can access difficult, confined areas and large structures, keeping human inspectors out of harm’s way.

Better infrastructure maintenance leads to smoother operations and a more prosperous, safer bottom line. When it comes to drone surveying and mapping for the majority of commercial industries in Africa, we are the experts. Our commercial drone services can change the way in which your organisation conducts business by using the latest in drone capture technology and software based reporting for your infrastructure inspection needs and beyond.