Improving site management with drones? Here’s how.

Advances in drone technology mean that drones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for use on construction, mining, and development sites. Lightweight, easy to operate, and ensuring safe and speedy aerial surveys, drones bring many benefits to UAV-friendly industries that often face high costs, lengthy timelines, and high safety concerns.

While some might see drones as fun toys, the use of drones on building, construction, and mining sites is serious business. Some of the biggest advantages of using drones for site management include reduced human resources and costs, improved efficiency and safety, and narrowed project margins. Let us tell you how drones can improve your site management process.

Four ways drones improve site management

1. Better planning from the start

From a PR video to selling an intended project to potential investors to an aerial feasibility survey of land that needs to be developed or buildings that need to be overhauled, drones can revolutionise the planning process on any commercial project. This leads to a more streamlined site management process. Not only can drone footage (such as ones generated by aerial mining surveying) help site managers and interested parties visualise the final product, it can help them to plan and document each stage of the journey, anticipating potential pitfalls (extremely useful on sites with hazardous terrain) and saving on previously unaccounted-for costs.

2. Inspections handled safely

From industrial buildings to stockpiles, regular inspections are a necessary part of any site management plan. However, if they are conducted using human resources, they can be lengthy, risky, and time-consuming exercises, sometimes requiring extra safety precautions or even expensive downtime. Ready to go at very short notice, without the need for onboard human resources, drones can make site and structure inspections quick and efficient, saving time and money as well as reducing surveying risks.

3. A security boost

Once site work is underway, there are often security concerns. Drones can help site managers to monitor a job site at different times, quickly and easily without having to physically visit it. This is especially helpful if the job site is large and activity is taking place far away from the main site office. Drones allow site mangers to stream live video, monitoring the job site for suspicious activity and identify theft as it is happening, as well as record such activities for later use.

4. Easy data collection

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to collect the required data, the latest drone technologies allow site managers to collect a wide range of information in half the time of other methods, as well as deliver and share it in an easy-to-understand format. This is perfect for building maps and generating comprehensive reports, while saving on human resources, complex machinery, and post-survey costs.

Drone surveying for commercial projects is the way of the future for organisations looking to improve work flow, increase the accuracy of collected data, and create a streamlined work process. Need help collecting and generating drone data for your next project? DC Geomatics can help! Licensed and experienced drone operators, we offer total aerial mapping services (including aerial LiDAR and hyperspectral technology surveying services) to professional organisations and government bodies in South Africa as well as across the continent of Africa. Our aim? To help our clients achieve the best possible results while reducing risks and saving on costs.

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