Industrial inspection? Here's why you should hire the experts.

Many industrial inspections are conducted via unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones) across a variety of industries, from mining to construction. While the use of drones to conduct these inspections is becoming standard practice, there remains the question of whether these companies should buy drones for in-house use or hire the experts to conduct these inspections.

Here are our top reasons to use drone experts for your next industrial inspection

1. Compliance

When it comes to the business of aerial surveying, the operation of drones is a highly regulated industry. To ensure health and safety compliance when it comes to operating commercial drones, it is essential that operators understand (and comply with) flying standards, and height and speed restrictions. Many companies do not have the qualified staff to ensure all regulations are followed.

2. Safety, safety, safety

Industrial inspections can carry a high level of risk. Tower and roof inspections present difficult and often dangerous climbing conditions. Inspecting damaged infrastructure can be dangerous, while inspecting a flare stack manually is a dangerous, time-consuming, and costly process, especially in the case of a shut down. Drone experts used to dangerous conditions allow for a quick, safe way to conduct industrial inspections across various industries without requiring human intervention.

3. Excellent results

While drone surveys used for industrial inspections are more cost and time-effective than surveying by foot, they still require expert operation to ensure accurate results. The aim of an industrial inspection is to gather accurate, high-quality data and develop maps for use in research and presentation. Using experts for industrial inspections via drone will help to compensate for any lack of skill in-house that might affect the results of an inspection.

From towers to buildings, we are experts when it comes to industrial inspections. Our professional surveying services mean we are able to offer a wide range of industrial inspections and surveys, in-house or on-site, using the highest quality surveying equipment, including drones, all depending on your inspection needs. 

Need to conduct an industrial inspection? We can help!