Our drone turnkey solutions – what you need to know.

At DC Geomatics, we offer commercial drone services as well as turnkey solutions, specific to your industry or operational needs. Turnkey solutions are drone applications that require an onsite operational footprint.

We offer our solutions on a retainer basis for full onsite management and oversight with drones permanently on standby, ready to be deployed within 30 minutes of request. Have a routine need for drone services in your organisation? This is the way to go!

When it comes to safety and compliance, we are licensed, insured, and approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), and we use only the most well-trained and accredited specialists for all our flight operations. In line with our stringent safety and compliance standards, we use specialised and accredited Health and Safety service providers and are Occupational Health and Safety compliant at all times.

Our drone turnkey solutions include

1. Agriculture

We can teach your team to fly purpose-built drones specific to this industry. Operating at fast speeds and an aerial vantage point, drones can cover hundreds of hectares of land, collecting diverse and detailed data, in a single flight. This will allow you to map large crop areas, identify problems, optimise outputs, maximise production, and estimate returns. Bringing a drone solution to bear on your agricultural projects is an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective decision sure to have a positive impact on your organisation’s productivity and success.

2. Surveillance

Drones are an efficient and cost-effective surveillance tool as they are not limited to ground level, are able to cover large areas, enter difficult to access spaces, and are equipped with sensors that allow for detailed data collection. We can teach your team to operate surveillance drones with the aim of keeping your property and assets under safe observation as and when required.

3. Mining

Achieving a bird’s-eye-view of a mining site is a challenging task but drones are uniquely suited to the tasks of aerial mapping and scoping. Not only can they be equipped with the latest mapping (as well as tracking and reporting) technology, they bring with them a number of benefits, including reliable data collection and real-time reporting services, lower operational costs than traditional surveying methods, and quick, safe deployment, especially when surveying hazardous working conditions or over difficult terrain. Let us implement a drone solution for your mining operation and you’ll see the positive results almost immediately.

What kind of commercial drone service do you need... An onsite operational footprint for your industry? Take a look at our turnkey drone solutions. A once-off commercial drone service? Read more about our specific inspection and assessment surveys here. Or talk to us – with our experience and expertise, we can help develop a drone solution for your business.

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