Risks to consider when conducting your next tower inspection.

Telecommunications towers, for example those used for cell phone communication, require regular and thorough inspection and maintenance. While necessary, these inspections carry a high level of risk, particularly to inspectors who must scale these towers to gather the necessary data.

The numerous risks involved with tower inspections include:

1. Personal safety concerns

Tower inspections are a dangerous undertaking and the risks to inspectors include injuries from falling and even death. Research shows that in 2013 alone, 13 workers in the UK died while conducting these inspections.

2. Increased personnel costs

Training specialised personnel takes time and money. If you choose not to outsource this function, you will have to either hire more staff or redirect staff resources, as well as ensuring the proper training for every new staff member, who should also qualify for sick leave and holiday leave which can incur extra costs in the long run.

3. High resource costs

Some inspections require the hire of specialised machinery and equipment, including helicopters and other small aircraft, as well as specialised climbing equipment. Hiring, licensing, and insurance costs for these items can quickly mount.

4. Necessary down time

Tower inspections conducted by human inspectors may require significant down time which could mean delays in productivity, increased customer dissatisfaction, and substantial income losses.

The solution? Conduct the required in-depth inspections using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, as they are more commonly known. UAVs are largely safe, effective, and accurate. Using a UAV to conduct your next tower inspection allows for human inspectors to stay safely on the ground, while UAV technology allows for the collection of accurate, in-depth data. This data can then be instantly transmitted to inspectors on the ground, allowing for immediate decision-making.

Taking into account the health and safety risks involved in a tower inspection, UAVs are the obvious solution. Need a professional surveying provider to conduct your industrial inspections, including tower inspections? We have the expertise, experience, and surveying equipment to get the job done, safely and on time. Work with us and we will offer you a planning service, expert operators, the latest in hi-tech software solutions, sophisticated drones, cloud data processing and reporting structures, all within a tailor-made work flow designed to suit your business needs.

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