Six industries that can benefit from drones. Is yours one?

Changes in technology and a drop in costs have made UAVs (or drones) much more accessible for a wide range of applications and industries. Noted for their speed and efficiency, as well as usefulness in high risk situations, drones are finding their niche in both turnkey solutions and commercial services in the industrial space.

FYI – six industries that benefit from drones

1. Mining

Drones are the perfect tools for capturing a bird’s eye view of a wide-ranging mining site. Designed for scanning, surveying, and mapping, they allow for cost-effective and reliable data collection as well as safe real-time reporting.  

2. Construction

Building sites, scaffolding, and machinery can make for a dangerous environment. Drones allow for accurate aerial shots of a site as well as progress reporting, from breaking ground to the final product. Regular inspections save on time, money, and human resources while drone footage can also be used for recording and promotional purposes.

3. Infrastructure

This needs to be monitored and inspected on a regular basis for safety and security reasons. Taking over the job of a ‘on the ground’ crew, drones deliver consistent, efficient, and safe results. They allow for the surveillance of difficult-to-access areas such as roof tops, as well as collecting high detail data that is easy to interpret.

4. Agricultural

Drones are set to revolutionise the production processes of the agricultural industry. Providing services such as crop mapping, soil and irrigation analysis, and spraying systems, drones allow farmers to safely and quickly monitor large tracts of land, estimate returns, and maximise production levels.

5. Marine

Drones offer superior surveillance services to the marine industry, specifically harbour operations. From onboard deliveries to monitoring access points, live activity feeds to security inspections, drones can offer a real-time insight into the operations and surrounds that make up the port and harbour environment. They also offer increased safety for potentially dangerous underwater tasks, such as salvage.

6. Oil and gas

These industries face a number of safety, and inspection challenges, especially when it comes to site security and stock pile monitoring. Swift surveillance and real-time reporting allow drones to cut down on down time and mitigate safety and security risks, for example, early fire detection through thermal imaging sensors.

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