Stockpile inspection? Here’s why you should hire drone experts.

When it comes to mining, drones have traditionally been used for terrain surveying and mapping. But these useful tools can also be used for inspection purposes, such as in the case of stockpile inspections.

Regular inspection of mining machinery, conditions, and stock is important to the effective operation of a mine’s activities. Stockpiles must be measured to determine contained volume and weight of the commodity contained within. A drone’s ability to take high resolution images can be the answer to this inspection need.

Advantages of using a drone for stockpile inspections

1. Drones offer a safe alternative to human-led inspections that require a team of professionals from outsourced and internal sources. This can be a labour-intensive, long, and dangerous undertaking, and the gathered data is not immediately accessible. Quite the opposite when it comes to drone surveys. By using drones, companies can calculate the perimeter and volume for all their stockpiles, flying over a large site in minutes, and access measurements that same day.

2. A drone can quickly and safely inspect a stockpile from a safe, remote location. The speed and precision of using an UAV means that surveys can be undertaken more regularly and with great accuracy than ever before.

3. Drone surveys allow for the rapid collection of accurate data to help plan and manage purchasing and stock administration, as well as an up-to-date evaluation of stock for financial reasons such as end of year audits.

4. Operating from an aerial perspective, drone surveys do not require costly shutdown times, ensuring cost-savings and little impact on schedules and time constraints.

5. Advancements in technology, such as the addition of a thermal sensor, allow for the collection of more in-depth data for improving efficiency across mining operations.

Reasons to hire drone experts to conduct your stockpile inspections

1. When you hire an expert service provider like DCGeomatics to conduct a drone survey, you will benefit from the team’s expertise and experience.

2. The benefits of hiring rather than buying and operating a drone of your own include maintenance and upgrading cost-savings.

3. Working with an expert provider will ensure your inspections are compliant with national and other regulatory requirements.

Inspecting a mining stockpile using a professional drone service is simpler, faster, and safer than traditional methods. Need to conduct stockpile inspections of your own? Or related mining activities? Hire us – as drone experts, we can manage all your inspection and surveying processes for you.

Need a stockpile inspection? We’re the experts!