Three big reasons to hire a drone service provider for your next construction project.

Successful construction projects require planning, forethought, and a commitment to using the best possible resources and suppliers. This includes embracing new and innovative technologies such as drone-driven services and solutions. Over the last decade, the use of drones has become more popular in the construction industry due to the many benefits offered by drones and drone technology.

And more and more of these initiatives have been outsourced to professional drone service providers. With the proper skills, expertise, and compliance requirements in place, a professional drone services supplier (like DC Geomatics) can ensure the best results and best use of a drone across a wide range of drone related industries, including construction.

Construction project? Reasons to bring a drone on board

1. Plan ahead

The aerial surveying and mapping capabilities of a drone means it can be used to survey large areas, get a bird’s eye view of a potential construction site, or even get a good look at the prospective view that will be on offer once the construction has been completed. Stunning images of beautiful surrounds can go a long way to securing support for a project while aerial maps can be instrumental in allowing for planning before breaking ground, saving precious time, money, and resources.

2. Secure marketing gold

A drone can record images and video from exciting angles, give insight into a project from unusual perspectives, and document a construction story over time. In short, a drone will allow you to capture the progress of a project, from start to finish, easily and at a far less expense than other aerial media such as manned aircraft exercises. The captured video and images make for great marketing materials and documentation of the progress of a project for relevant stakeholders.

3. Save, save, save

With the proper training, software, and brief, a drone operator can bring huge cost savings to a construction project, increasing process efficiency from the initial site inspection to the final showcase. For example, when surveying a site, a drone can quickly offer real-time, detailed imagery and data in a way that is less complicated than using satellite imagery and less expensive than using manned aircraft. The captured data can be quickly converted into orthomosiac maps and any relevant information shared across stakeholder teams without requiring them to visit the site, saving time and money. The same goes for regular site inspections that can be conducted systematically, accurately and swiftly.

Drones are well suited to the needs of the construction industry with their flexibility and unique capabilities making them the perfect surveying and recording tools. Operated by a commercial professional, they can add significant value to any construction project. At DCG, we offer drone-driven commercial services and turnkey solutions across a wide range of industries and projects. Have a project that could use a drone? Talk to us about developing a drone solution for your needs.

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