Three things to know about drones and mining.

When it comes to aerial surveying and site management, drones are a mining must-have. From safety to cost-efficiency to operational precision, drones offer a number of benefits when it comes to site surveying and management. And we covered a number of those top benefits in an earlier blog post – see it here.

Here are three more things to know about drones and mining

1. They can help you go digital

Research shows that companies that use digital planning and production processes are more productive and more profitable than those that don’t. Drones are capable of collecting large amounts of up-to-date data over large areas and transmitting that data back to operators for planning and tracking purposes. The data can be stored in an accessible, easy-to-understand format and be available to a large number of people at one time. This improves productivity, saving time and money in the long run. If properly collected and managed, drone data can be a valuable digital asset.

2. Beyond surveying

While land surveying is a key application for drone technology, a drone has many capabilities across various industries and focus points. These include stockpile inspections, planning blasting work, environmental management, and road monitoring. When it comes to investing in equipment or a service designed to push your company forward in a number of different ways, you can’t go wrong when you go drone.

3. Commercial drones need to be licensed drones

Think drone services are exactly what your company needs? That’s great but it’s not as easy as going out and buying a drone and setting off to survey your site. Drone operation is governed by legislation and all drone operators need to be properly licensed in order to operate a drone in a commercial space. Want to know more? Read this.

In an increasingly digital world, drone services are becoming a mining site essential. And, while there are a number of different drone operators out there, it’s important to work with the experts if you want accurate results and a well-managed operation. As licensed and experienced drone operators, we offer total aerial mapping services (including aerial LiDAR and hyperspectral technology surveying services). Chat to us about your mining project needs and let us help you get the best possible results.

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