Ways to get the best of out of your drone when using it for agricultural mapping.

The introduction of drones has completely transformed the world of agriculture in so many amazing ways. Don’t let your drone go to waste, and learn to use it to its maximum abilities. We’ve got the best ways to get the most out of your drone for agricultural mapping, and we’re agricultural experts, so trust us.

four Drone Tips for Agricultural mapping

1. Get more information in less time

Rather than using the traditional growlers to walk the fields on foot or by tractor to manually evaluate the crops, drones are there to make things easier! Use your drone in its entirety by making sure its being used to scout farms quickly and efficiently. No matter the time or place, a drone can be activated in a matter of minutes to solve problems with crops or resolve any queries farmers may have. Find out more about aerial assessments here.

2. Find out about crop health and how to improve it

The use of drones means they can fly over a large piece of land and collect various data about each plant using their sensors. Drones create a vegetation index which means farmers are immediately able to see which crops aren’t receiving enough sunlight or aren’t looking healthy enough.

3. Create fertilizer information maps

Another way to get the most out of your drone is to use it for fertilizer information. Drones use high-tech sensors to create satellite maps that show where phosphorous or nitrogen might be needed, or where there are parts of land that have an excess of nutrients. This means fertilizer is only applied where it’s needed the most, and not applied to the areas that don’t need it. Farmers can farm more efficiently and ultimately increase production and higher yields.

4. Increasing water optimization

Especially if you’re in a drier area of the world, drones can assist hugely in avoiding water wastage. Thermal cameras are able to detect the wetter and drier areas of land and farmers are able to use this data to adjust field irrigation and avoid wasting water. 

Drones are a costly investment; so don’t let yours go to waste. Get the maximum benefits from your drone in agriculture by following our pointers above. If you want to use drones in this way but don’t own your own, get in touch with us and use one of ours!

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