Three unusual uses for a commercial drone services

At DCG, it’s simple – we love drones and all they can do. We particularly enjoy learning (and sharing our own experiences) about the capabilities of commercial drones as well as their greater potential to enhance business and industrial projects.

In today’s post, we wanted to show you just how diverse drone offerings can be by highlighting three unusual uses for a drone. If you operate a drone for commercial purposes (from event photography to land surveying), you probably already know that they are currently popular for so much more than military application. But did you know they could do the following?

Unusual uses for a commercial drone

1. Delivery just got a while lot easier

Next year, Amazon plans to use drone technology to deliver packages. From pizza to parcels, more and more commercial ventures are looking into how to use drones for direct delivery to their customers. Drones are fast, can fly high above congested crowds, are cost-effective and cost-efficient, and rarely miss the mark. While not currently legal, what’s not to like about using them as a reliable delivery system in the future?

2. Tornado and hurricane hunting is now on the agenda

The middle of a major storm can be a dangerous place to be and storm chasing (for documentary and research purposes) can be a hazardous undertaking. Drones have the ability to enter a storm without risking the life of a human operator. In a bid to ensure greater hurricane surveillance, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Northrop Grumman collaborated on a 3 year, 30 million dollar project to use drones to survey storms as they build and grow. This is in the hope of building up prediction data and processes to save lives, resources, and costs in the long run. This then is not about storm fighting (though drones can make useful contributions to disaster management operations) as much as it is about being able to understand a storm without putting human life at risk to do so.

3. Farm life can be monitored and supported like never before

Drones are capable of traversing, monitoring, and reporting on large tracts of land. This makes them an ideal tool for agricultural applications such as farm land surveillance. From steep hillsides that need mapping and spraying to environmental impact assessments, drones have the technology and capabilities to accurately track, treat, and develop progress reports for large agricultural projects. When it comes to pesticide distribution and land use planning, drones can help by identifying which resources are needed and where, and delivering them there. At the end of the day, this is better for the environment and for a farmer's bottom line than more traditional, manual methods.

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