DRONE SERVICES FOR ports and harbours

The shipping industry, and harbour operations in particular, is an area in which drones can be of great use. Africa is home to some of the busiest ports in the world – from delivering important packages from ship to shore and back to monitoring entry points into the harbour, drones can provide valuable real-time insight into the daily operations of the harbour environment.


Industries carry out regular inspections of their equipment and infrastructure to ensure it is in safe working order. Human inspections have shortcomings, as people are often limited when it comes to working at heights or in confined spaces. Inspections carried out by a drone can address the operational challenges faced by human inspections.


Surveying, monitoring and reporting, drones are well equipped to survey developed and developing infrastructure, making them the perfect infrastructure project tool.


Using photogrammetry (a surveying and mapping technique), drones provide quick deployment and turn-around times with accurate reporting from point cloud datasets. Survey ground control, processing, and reporting tasks are carried out by our experienced and registered surveyors.


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges to objects. These light pulses – combined with other data – can be used to generate precise, three-dimensional information.