Using the latest in 3D scanning technology, a UAV can be used to scan your site safely and accurately. The scans can then be sent to project teams or engineering departments for import into their CAD programmes for 3D modelling. This type of scan is one of the most accurate, safest, and fastest ways to obtain detailed and easy-to-use measurement data.

Our Scanning services include:

Engineering_infrastructure assessment.jpg

Infrastructure Assessments

When it comes to infrastructure damage, the monitoring and surveillance functions of UAVs can be invaluable. When timeliness and safety are crucial, UAVs can offer a quick and thorough assessment of the infrastructure conditions without putting a surveyor’s life at risk.

Topographic Surveys

Uneven and difficult terrain can cause hazardous working conditions for mine surveyors traversing over land on foot or in a vehicle. Surveys from UAVs are able to produce accurate topographical contour maps of large areas with minimal wear and tear on equipment. They save time and money, while improving data collection and turnaround time.



Drainage Designs

The collected data can be used for drainage design plans for development sites. Certain UAVs can be used determine the best route for water to flow across a selected area.

As-Built Surveys

Documenting as built structures for large engineering projects could be completed within a short time-frame with accurate detailed orthophotos & point cloud data.

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