Surveillance is the close observation of people, activities, and infrastructure for the purpose of managing, directing, or protecting. Drones are an efficient and cost-effective surveillance tool as they are not limited to ground level, are able to cover large areas, enter difficult to access spaces, and are equipped with sensors that allow for detailed data collection. We can teach your team to operate surveillance drones with the aim of keeping your property and assets under safe observation as and when required.


Line and site monitoring

Depending on the needs of your organisation, UAVs can be highly effective in monitoring lines and sites. Line surveillance includes border and coastal surveillance to provide feedback on illegal crossings and activities. For sites, such as in the mining and construction industries, UAVs can be used for live streaming, monitoring of employee activity, assessing potentially dangerous situations, and monitoring stock pile losses. 

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Perimeter surveillance

A UAV’s ability to provide real time data and relaying it instantly to a control centre makes it the perfect tool for monitoring perimeters around high security areas. This reduces the need for foot patrols while also providing extra observation of security guards. The speed and range of a UAV also gives it an advantage over stationary cameras when it comes to detecting and monitoring intruders.

Event security

From initial site assessments to crowd monitoring, UAVs can be instrumental in managing the safety and security concerns of major public events where large crowds are expected to gather. The collected data allows security teams to assess situations, deploy their security teams more effectively, and record crowd behaviour and activity.

Note - The use of private surveillance UAVs raises significant legal and privacy concerns, as does the operation of UAVs in residential and commercial areas. If you want to operate a UAV for business and surveillance purposes, it is best to work with the professionals. Make sure you stay on the right side of the law by joining a managed ROC or talking to us about your UAV surveillance needs.

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