Achieving a bird’s-eye-view of a mining site is a challenging task but drones are uniquely suited to the tasks of aerial mapping and scoping. Not only can they be equipped with the latest mapping (as well as tracking and reporting) technology, they bring with them a number of benefits, including reliable data collection and real-time reporting services, lower operational costs than traditional surveying methods, and quick, safe deployment, especially when surveying hazardous working conditions or over difficult terrain. Let us implement a drone solution for your mining operation (and train your team to use it to its best advantage) and you’ll see the positive results almost immediately.

Our Surveying services include:

Stockpile Surveys

Inspecting a mining stock pile using a UAV is simpler, faster, and safer than the traditional manual method. Surveying from an aerial perspective overcomes the problem of stock pile height and the potential risk to a surveyor on foot. The speed and precision of using an UAV means that surveys can be undertaken more regularly and with great accuracy than ever before.

Mining_stockpile surveys.jpg

Mining_slope monitoring.jpg

Slope Monitoring/Detection

Ground movement in and around open-pit mines, quarries, and dumps can damage or destroy expensive equipment, cause injury, and lead to lost production time. An UAV survey can help to address this concern with periodic monitoring of ground movement and slope stability, allowing operators to react timeously to a potential or occurring slope failure.

Topographic Surveys

Uneven terrain can cause difficult and hazard working conditions for surveyors travelling over land on foot or in a truck. UAVs are able retrieve topographical maps of large areas with minimal wear and tear on equipment. They save time and money, while improving data collection and turnaround time.